This brand new product line from Contain Environmental Services is the Contain Super – Slim – Great for residential applications where water preservation is key and cosmetics are equally important!

The Super-Slim Rainwater Tank is the narrowest wall mounted tank available and its unique design makes it visually discreet and easy to install. DIY. Multiple tanks can be joined together to achieve the desired storage capacity. It is affordably priced and easy to integrate into a wide range of above ground urban rainwater collection and utilization systems.

Collect, filter and store rainwater for use in your garden hoses, standard sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, flush your toilets, etc. You can even use it to wash your car!

The Super-Slim Rainwater Tank offers the following benefits compared with

Conventional rainwater storage solutions.

• Super-Slim Tank – Each 180 x 72 x 19cm that contains approximately 220

litres of rainwater.

• Modular Design – For single or multiple tank installation / Add-Ons.

• Visually Discreet – Slim profile making it ideal for installation along side walls

and narrow passages.

• Easy To Install – Using DIY tools.

• Proven and Reliable – Installed and tested since 2002.

The Super-Slim Rainwater Tank is manufactured to the highest standards using

Advanced technology and incorporates;

• An opaque high density food grade polyethylene.

• A stabilizer for added UV protection.

• A unique design using internal interlocking baffles to provide strength and


• A steel support frame for lateral support and withstanding wind load.

• A simple interconnect hose coupling for installing multiple tanks.

Maybe you need an easy solution for your commercial space OR Underground storage?

Emergency Fire Suppression
Orchards and other edible plants
General landscape irrigation
Water garden recharging


We offer many accessories that enhance the performance of our rain harvesting systems. Below are a few examples. Call for pricing.

External Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Leaf Diverter

Custom Cistern Lid

Filter Screen Basket

First Flush

In addition we can provide you bladders for water features in your landscaping design.

The benefits of capturing and storing rainwater are:

• Greater water independence (It’s your water to use as you determine)
• Reliable water source for landscape irrigation
• Fire protection
• Emergency use
• Decreased water bills
• Capital improvement to property
• Cost effective when compared to well drilling or fire supply connections
• Environmentally sound choice
• Rebates offered by many water districts
• On-site storm water retention and aquifer recharge

Call Today! 888-804-0072

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